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mens skinny jeans Mens Skinny Jeans

skinny jeans on men Mens Skinny Jeans

I’m a girl and I am just dying to know what others think about men wearing skinny jeans. Is it gay or not? I personally think they can be too tight sometimes.

-Submitted by just_curious

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25 thoughts on “Mens Skinny Jeans

  1. theirs a thing as too baggy and too tight. these cats is trippin wit the ass hugger jeans. i even heard some dudes be rockin girl jeans. yuck.

  2. You niggas is lames stuck in the 90s. the first picture is mad gay but the second picture aint even that bad. skinny jeans look better than those big ass rocawear jeans. i dont even rock skinny jeans. i rock fitted jeans. get wit the times lames!

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  4. personally i wear skinny jeans allmost every day and i am a straight 18 year old male. i so agree hto some jeans are too tight

  5. not gay, awesome!!!
    I think these large trousers which are beneath the ass look gay.
    the basics of every good men-style are skinny jeans. extremely sexy!! I

  6. i am gay and i where skinny jeansmy boyfriend wheres themto
    i am a very feminine man and i am 27 my outfit is a pink shirt and sweatshirt skinny jeans gucci shoes and earings and pink underwear ttyl see you later? i love cuticles

  7. I wouldn’t bother with these comments, since everyone sounds like a wanna be gangsta with your baggy jeans big enouph to fill in a fat guy while they hang off your ass. That’s ttly cool, but I prefer skinny jeans any day.

    • good job smart fag. i know i fuck more hoes than anybody on this list. meanwhile your skinny jeans wearing ass is fucking more boys than anybody on this list.

  8. fuck gettin with the times why yall niggaz tryna conivince niggaz 2 wear them tight booty huggin shit lookin like a bitch ass faggot get real man yall aint tryna impress women yall tryna impress men i can’t see any real woman note not a wack lil teeny bopper girl chasing lame teeny boppin boys i can’t see how a real woman would fuck a man rockin shit tighter then her plus no real nigga no real man period rock that faggot ass shit so fuck all yall skinny jean wearin fools own care fuck yall u niggaz look like bitches.

  9. dude its not gay
    pink is gay ;)
    glam metal used to wears skinny jeans the were not gay
    the where fucking more chicks than 5 guys 2gether

    • i agree. they used to get mad bitches in the 80′s with them skinny jeans. dont hate cause bitches like men in skinny jeans in 2011. face it, baggy shit is out and fitted shit is whats fresh. if you wanna walk around looking like wu tang 1998 then by all means do ya thang. i guarantee you aint gonna get any bitch ass.

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